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Transition from Foraging to Growing

I’m back again with another blog entry and another new venture. This time it’s an Organic Horticulture course via the Distance Learning Certificate Programme at Dromcolliher Organic College. I wanted to show a sort of transition from what I have been doing which is picking wild mushrooms to what I will be doing, which is growing my own food and hopefully down the line some mushroom production. Anyway, last Saturday I made the trek out to Killarney to pick a massive haul of Slippery Jacks (Suillus luteus).

They  look like this on top with greasy caps, which have a slimy skin which needs  to be removed before eating.


Slippery Jack

The haul I picked looked like this.


Also present are Bovine Boletes (Suillus bovinus), which were sadly a bit past their best, and a solitary Scaly Wood Mushroom (Agaricus langei).

I would never recommend that anyone pick any mushroom unless they were 100% sure of what they picking and had been properly trained by an expert beforehand. I was trained by Jonathon Spazzi at Gortbrack Farm so this information is merely for illustrative purposes. Get trained up or stick to organically grown purchases!

I hope to convert part of my mother’s garden into a winter produce area and I think I will grow some overwintering salads and garlic here although just what I am not sure yet.

In the garden we already have Jerusulem Artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus)growing along with some nettles (Urtica diocia), Comfrey (Symphytum officinale), while there is a low hedge made up of willows(mostly Salix purpea) and a Christmas tree (Abies procera) that will need to be transplanted. Shelter on the northern side of the site is provided by ash trees.


Anyway I’ll keep you posted on further developments. Stay tuned.