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Clearance in the Garden 30th October 2014

Well, last Thursday, I got out and did two really tough hours of clearance of rubbish in the garden. You may remember that the garden was threatened by vast swathes of nettles, brambles and bindweed. Part of this situation was created by the proliferation of rubbish that had been progressively dumped in the garden, things such as doors, bits of polytunnel frames, old tables and so forth.


Eventually, I got it removed from along the northern perimeter and left the ditch free for my next task, which is to move some willows from the southern perimeter in to create a wind break where trees have been felled on the boundary wall. Also I used some of the rubbish to create a barrier to marauding deer, who sometimes frequent the garden when they come down into the lowlands during the winter. This picture should explain what I did and show the ditch where I will be planting the willows below the bed.


So the next task will be to move the willows, add more branches to the boundary, clear off any remaining rubbish from the bed, mark out the bed and then create the raised beds. Then I can decide what to plant.

Before I sign off, here’s me in an acting role for Nidge Studios that was put together for a film competition for the Kerry Film Festival, which was called the 50 Hour Film Shoot. Enjoy!


Some Good Blogging Tips

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A Song (or so) Representing Each Day of the Week!

I was reflecting how this year I’m a bit out of touch with my listening to new music, but that’s fine as it’s great to rewind from time to time and saves the pennies and time spent online too!

So rather than write about new music how about this one – a song for each day of the week. Maybe it’s been done before but it gives us a chance to remember Lou Reed who died last week.  So for Sunday we have The Velvet Underground’s ‘Sunday Morning’ – a perfect encapsulation of that Sunday morning feeling wonderfully evoked by Lou Reed. Much missed, in his final interview Lou opened it by saying ‘You do what you love or you get arrested.’ I echo that.

Then for Monday, things are pretty happy in the Sixties with The Mamas and the Papa’s ‘Monday, Monday’  but by the Seventies, all is not so rosy with The Boomtown Rat’s  ‘I Don’t Like Mondays’ apparently based on a true story. By the Eighties we have New Order’s ‘Blue Monday’ – supposedly the biggest selling 12-inch single and a great dance tune, but not the jolliest of ditties!

So it’s back to the Sixties for Tuesday with David Bowie’s ‘Love You Til Tuesday’ with the Thin White Duke adding coyly he might ‘stretch it til Wednesday. This was long before Ziggy Strardust, Aladdin Sane and the Thin White Duke when David Bowie had still to make his androgynous mark on the world of popular music.

Simon and Garfunkel give us the Wednesday anthem ‘Wednesday Morning 3AM’, which again is maudlin but reminds you of their harmonic brilliance.

Then we have to travel to Cork via London with a bit of Dublin thrown in for the eclectic brilliance of the Fatima Mansions and their song ‘Thursday’ which seems to celebrate the rave scene of London. I have always regarded the main man of the Mansions, Cathal Coughlan as the Irish Tom Waits so if you like the Mansions’ stuff check out his later stuff like Rancho Tetrahedron – far out!

The obvious choice for the beginning of the weekend is The Cure’s ‘Friday I’m In Love’ but personally I prefer Megadeth’s ‘Good Mourning/Black Friday’ because it finishes off with a fast bit and Fridays can be a bit like that really.

As for Saturday, there are tons of choices, although Sam Cooke’s (IMHO the best male black singer of all time) ‘Another Saturday Night’ must take it for me not forgetting the Cat Stevens version also. Well there you go – anyone got any other suggestions for songs that have the days of the week in their titles?