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Relaxing into the Game


Life is a game – isn’t it? I’d rather believe that than believe it was some serious solemn thing where you have to put yourself through hell just because you feel you have to survive or get to the top. If that sounds blunt so be it. I feel people waste far too much time putting things down. They seem to complain far too much on the one hand while berating themselves for not making as much progress in their lives as they had hoped.

It’s almost as if they exist in some kind of independent bubble where they are stuck with the hand they have been dealt. Little wonder then that we hear so much about suicide, anxiety, stress, and illness and so little about raising consciousness and actually just feeling good about yourself for the sake of it!

Two articles reminded me of this negative self perception, which is so rampant on places like social media such as Facebook and in spiritual circles nowadays, not just in secular society. These were ‘Why Self Compassion is the Key to Being our Authentic Selves’ and ‘6Ways to Triumph Over Self-Pity and Self-Loathing’.

Although these are fab articles, I feel that they are only the beginning. One can go deeper. Two ways of doing this were excellently communicated in ‘Proof that the Human Body is a Projection of Consciousness’ by Brandon West and ‘Stopping the World by – Not Doing’ by Jose Stevens. I remember first coming across ‘wu wei’ or not doing in Alan Watt’s Tao the Watercourse Way.

For someone who was as obsessed with accumulating mantras as I was in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, this was a breath of fresh air and was my way out of the constraining ritualistic tradition I had become embroiled in. I was able to slowly realize that all I needed to do was relax into the way of things rather than trying to contrive to force myself forward into enlightenment as if it was a grim race to renunciation and wisdom. This was the breath of fresh air I needed and helped me to let go of any traces of solemnity and self serious that I had accumulated on the Buddhist path.

Adopting the perception of allowing things to be and not forcing enables us to recognize that our body is a perceptual thing and that we are limiting ourselves by just seeing everything in concrete scientific terms. Of course, people will always be skeptical and it is unlikely we will ever be able to satisfactorily ‘prove’ that the human body is or is not a projection of the mind. Granted spiritual healing is suspect in many cases as the comments point out, yet it is up to us to heal ourselves if we feel we do not trust conventional medicine or the consensus of others.

Whatever our views on all of this, the perception of our bodies and the world around us are major factors in our health and we need to go beyond such simplistic abstractions of health and environment being separate entities. All is connected and everything feeds into and flows out of the view we wake up with each morning as well as our motivation for how we live our day to day existence.


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