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An End of Year Bonus Post!

As we near the end of 2013, I felt that Russell Brand’s editorial for New Statesman really summed up the zeitgeist of the moment – our world is really in trouble if we don’t cut our ties with crass capitalism and rampant materialism and embrace something more spiritual and it has to be done quickly.

For those of you who really can’t stand Russell Brand, there were less full on alternatives and I really liked this article about how to be a good father and as this is approaching fast for me in March I gotta get those moves down (see the first point of the above link for more). As I sat listening to various Christmas songs at Christmas dinner ( such as the wonderfully titled ‘Santa Claus Got Stuck in my Chimney’  by the peerless Ella Fitzgerald) I felt it only wise to share with you the equally peerless Christmas cracker jokes – look away now if you fear your sanity will be affected!

Q. How did the grizzly catch cold?

A. Because he went outside in bear feet

Q. Why can’t you play sports in the jungle?

A. Because of all the cheetahs

Q. What did the snowmen eat for breakfast?

A. Snowflakes

Q. What do you call people who are afraid of Santa Claus?

A. Claustrophobic

Q. Did you hear the story about the skunk?

A. Never mind it stinks

Q. What kind of can never needs a can-opener?

A. A PeliCAN

Q. What do you get when you cross a snowman with a vampire?

A. Frostbite

and finally..

Q. Why was Santa’s little helper depressed?

A. Because he had low elf esteem

Thanks, folks, you’ve been a lovely audience! See you next year and I hope it’s a fantastic one for you and yours!


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