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To Endings and Beginnings … the Gifts Life Offers Us

Beach on Fire

On Sunday evening I witnessed an amazing sunset at Rossbeigh beach. It sort of reminded me of how endings are just as beautiful, just as much a blessing as beginnings. As I have now left the digital media course due to the twin pressures of taking care of my pregnant girlfriend and giving a forensic archaeology course for 8-13-year-olds via the Centre for Talented Youth Ireland on Saturday mornings, I felt it was time to reflect on what I had learned from my short stint at ITTralee.

First off I rekindled my love of blogging, as my previous website where I had been posting away had fizzled out and I hadn’t managed to get back into it. This course provided a great opportunity to get blogging again and this time around I feel like I’m part of a blogging community as opposed to being surrounded by people pretending to like your post so they can blatantly plug their product via your site. I look forward to seeing how we all progress out of time and the projects we will move onto next.

I intend to keep up and develop further the habit of using sketch books to track the thought processes that arise out of ideas. This will help me with the Saturday morning course I am giving, as I am not so familiar with some aspects of forensic archaeology, so I will need to sketch out how I am going to present this topic in an interesting way for kids. I will also use Prezi to show the process involved in forensic archaeology.

Much was taken from the media graphics module and I hope to use the techniques that I learned about Photoshop to design event posters and illustrate a science fiction/fantasy book that I have planned for the future. I had picked up a book, Fantasy Artist’s  Pocket Reference Dragons and Fantasy Beasts by Finlay Cowan on how to draw fantastical creatures using Photoshop, but it wasn’t until this course that I now think I will have the confidence to follow through on the ideas in that book. My trusty sketchbook will come in handy here also!

A few blog entries ago (I will let you discover, which entry, dear Reader, as I know WordPress detests pingbacks!) I asked ‘And What Exactly is a Beautiful Sunset?’I was dismissing the knee jerk reaction er have of towards photographing a sunset without thinking about the composition and reasoning behind taking the shot. Well for me right now the sunset is a powerful reminder of the transition as one thing ebbs into the flow of another one which is about to begin. As I was walking out along our road back in Glenbeigh I realized how on the edge of civilization, not to knock the place but my girlfriend and I hardly know anybody out here and if we are to bring a child into the world we need our friends and family nearby to help us. So this odyssey out here seems to be coming to an end as we will need to move back closer to Killarney where friends and family are. But it’s also great to be embarking on the next stage on our lives with a wonderful child about to arrive in March.

The sea at sunset

In closing this post I would like to thank the lecturers of the digital media course and my fellow students for their assistance and would like to remind us all that we are all brilliant artists in the making. I look forward to seeing what we will be creating next and how we will bring this to the next level!

Trails in the sand


4 responses

  1. computersforallblog

    Good man Matt, ur in a good frame of mind, looking forward to ur blogs, i always love them.

    November 27, 2013 at 8:39 am

    • Thanks Nigel – I look forward to reading your next blog entries too 🙂

      November 27, 2013 at 9:37 pm

  2. mdearadh

    Best of luck with everything Matt

    November 28, 2013 at 6:43 pm

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