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Get comfortable with it all falling apart

If you listen closely  you can hear the fabric of society unraveling. Of course, folks have been walking around with placards proclaiming ‘The End is nigh’ since my Grandma’s time, so it’s really nothing new. But these days I can really feel it as, like the last day as I drove in the car with the window open hearing raised voices at the roundabout. Elsewhere I saw an old lady stumbling bewildered and lost around a shopping car park (no she didn’t look drunk just a little confused and stressed) and a  billboard showing happy people doing grocery shopping – have you ever been happy doing grocery shopping? And hearing people in coffee shops talking about this person and that person in remission. Talk about attracting negativity towards oneself!

Now here’s a scenario – you’ve been out all day and you’re a little jaded, but still going and someone blames you for skipping the queue. So what do you do? The best thing might be to stay back and keep calm, like in a car accident, when you never admit responsibility leaving the ascertaining of that to the authorities. But what about when it goes pear-shaped in your own life, like when you get sick or someone you care for gets sick?

I think it pays never to look in life in terms of absolutes. As someone said to me, the only certainty is change. Society may sell us the dummy of an a absolute fabric of life, built on lies such as prefect health, the perfect career and inexhaustible resources. But why buy into that illusion as it might all disappear tomorrow? If you look closely enough you can see it all splintering as I did. Of course we worry about this problem and that problem, but what’s the point in worrying if you never take any action to handle your anxiety?

Instead I prefer to get comfortable with it all falling apart. Everything is a surprise yet you can get on with your life without having to see if you’re on the right track or not. There’s is nothing to measure yourself up against as you’re not playing the comparison game. That way, I feel pretty damn good at everything I do!


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