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Being in the now – a reality check

After my last blog entry, I had threatened to do an entry about living in the moment, one where I would get all spiritual, but really living in the moment is more about having a reality check. I mean it’d be fabulous to be able to blog every other day, comment on everyone’s posts, get all my assignments done to perfection and then be able to sit back and reflect on it all like a Zen master. But the reality is life is full of constant movement, I have a life outside of this blog. For example today, I had to clean the bathroom, help with the wash-up, make the dinner, start preparing for my course I am giving on Archaeology  for 8 to 12-year-olds at the Centre for Talented Youth of Ireland in the IT next Saturday morning and help my pregnant girlfriend  assemble a wardrobe. As we working away on it she said ‘get your penis in the hole’ and I said, ‘That’s no way to talk to a screw!’ (Some of those metal things have a hard time fitting in!)

To me that’s really living in the moment and I know all spiritual teachings such as Eckard Tolle’s book The Power of Now where he talks about befriending the present moment are really helpful, but sometimes there’s more empowerment in taking satisfaction in the everyday moments in life rather than worrying about getting a blog done every few days (leisure posting as I call it!). For me these days, it’s more everyday stuff like hanging out  with my girlfriend, playing with our three kitties, hanging out with my musical friends from drumming and going for long walks in the countryside or short ones if I’ve less time! I could to do really high falutin’ stuff like doing a something amazing, but really it’s the ordinary things which help ground me. I know some people have lofty far out goals like enlightenment, but rather than seek out the extraordinary, I prefer to see the ordinary in the extraordinary – just keep it all on an even keel and if it goes pear shaped and you lose something big, that’s life!

So to finish over to you fellow bloggers – what helps you ground yourself in the present moment?



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  1. animalstripes123

    Congratulations Matt! You’re obviously in training for the ‘even’ busier times to come! Get back to you on the Q some time, as busy with tasks too!

    October 15, 2013 at 7:19 pm

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