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Ambition Like Ribbons Worn Bright On My Sleeve

Any thoughts on this, guys? It was right up my street and made me think hard about what I’m trying to do as a writer/blogger/trainer.

The Stretch For Something Beautiful

In general, I’m a fairly lazy person. I don’t like to do projects that require many steps. I like instant gratification. I’m not afraid of hard work, and I understand that in order to succeed, I need to do hard work that might take a long time, but I don’t like it. Anyone who knows me will tell you that, and I fully admit it. I want things to be finished within the same day I start it. It’s why if I’m doing anything that requires multiple steps, I need to set myself goals to reach or I’ll never finish it. I’m also the queen of procrastination – my motto is “Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow . . .” It’s taken a good amount of my adulthood to break out of my natural tendencies to let things fall by the wayside and actually allow myself to succeed.

But I am…

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