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And Just What is a Beautiful Sunset?

 I think anyone can point and click a camera and if they are lucky capture a wonderful sunset of oranges, reds and pinks. However, it takes real compositional skills to position a subject within the context of that sunset and convey a sense of interaction with that sunset. My point is that now I’m starting to learn how to take pictures properly and use them within a digital media context, the days of taking static scenes of landscapes with mountains and skies that stretch on and on forever is starting to become a little too pedestrian for my tastes.

Now, I’m starting to realize it’s about how you place your subject within a setting, how you allow the background and foreground to frame the focus your shot. Concepts such as depth of field and blur motion effect really become something to take into consideration and I will be applying these ideas the next time I bring the camera out. Also, I can see how a sketchbook will help me to bring these ideas to fruition as I develop my technique and start planning my photographs instead of just snapping at what I consider to be a nice composition.

Granted, I may continue to take spontaneous shots of landscapes and sunsets so as I can play around with the aperture values, polarising filters and shutter speeds. However, in addition, I will try and assess the compositional value of such photographs in the context of my ever-expanding digital media portfolio as well as comparing them to the works of professionals and amateurs alike. Then it will be possible for me to explain what beauty in a photo is in a technical as well as an aesthetic way. Excuse the rambling; I’d better get shooting!


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